Eco-Mist Biotechnics Infection Control by Dry Mist surface and air decontamination
Eco-Mist BiotechnicsInfection Control by Dry Mist surface and air decontamination

One range...the complete solution!


 TriBioSan™ Biocide Range

  • Kills 99.9999% of pathogens in 30 seconds (log 6)
  • Triple action - sanitises, deoderises and slows regrowth
  • Contains No alcohol
  • Containd No Bleach
  • Leaves No Residue
  • Broad Spectrum Biocide

It is important when selecting a range of cleaning, disinfecting and decontaminating products that there are no adverse reactions between them. At Eco-Mist Biotechnics, all of our products are guaranteed to work consistently, together and effectively. What’s more, they are chemically engineered to achieve a kill rate of 99.9999% (log 6) without using bleach or other harmful ingredients. Indeed, our range is so environmentally safe and friendly that you could even drink it...although we do not recommend that!  


The Eco-Mist Biotechnics biocide range is:


· ● Bactericidal   ● Mycobactericidal  ● Virucidal   ● Fungicidal   ● Sporicidal 


It's also:   

  • Skin ph neutral ·        
  • Contains no alcohol ·       
  • Contains no bleach ·        
  • Is non-flammable ·        
  • Is non-irritant ·        
  • Has no COSHH (Health & Safety) implications  

Clinically proven to kill MRSA, Norovirus, Tuberculosis, Legionella, HIV, E-Coli, Campylobacter, H1N1, Avian Flu, Salmonella, Listeria, C-Difficile 027 and more, our environmentally friendly, safe and effective range can be used in public areas without the need to close them off for long periods. The kill rate is achieved in less than 30 seconds and is safe to the touch and leaves no residue. Treated areas can be used immediately after cleaning.

TriBioSan Trigger Spray

Our trigger spray is the perfect product to sanitise all hard surface areas following removal of visible soiling including:

  • Work surfaces and food preparation areas
  • Patient surfaces including examination and operating tables and trollies
  • Bed frames, patient hoists, grab handles and door handles
  • Mattresses, seating and other patient contact surfaces
  • Ambulance interiors*
  • Toilet surfaces, shower areas and cubicles
  • Medical equipment
  • Machinery controls, computer screens and keypads
  • Leads, cords and metal window blinds
  • Sports & exercise equipment
  • Toys, games and play equipment
  • Furniture


* For complete protection we recommend removing soiling before misting of the interior of the ambulance using our AmbuGard Dry Misting technology, fitted within the patient transportation area.  


Our treatment system is suitable for use on any surface, equipment and controls or individual product which is safe to dampen. Simply wipe the surface or area to be sanitised using hard surface cleaner and a suitable cloth or paper towel.


Cleaning Cloths  >  A range of recommended cloths are available upon request  


Paper Products  > A range of suitable paper rolls or paper towels is available


Hard Surface Wipes    > Now available in soft packs or canisters


Hard Surface Cleaner  > Can be used on floors, walls and any larger hard surface. Simply add neat to bucket and mop, or wipe required surfaces.

DermaGard Hand Sanitiser


DermaGard is also an effective treatment for:

  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Scabies
  • Acne
  • Most common skin infection

DermaGard™ Hand Sanitiser is kind to the skin but effective at eliminating 99.9999% of pathogens. Because the solution is alcohol free it is rapidly becoming the sanitiser of choice for frequent users. Unlike alcohol based alternatives, our hand sanitiser does not cause cracking or irritation to skin. Available in 100 ml atomised dispensers.

Being alcohol free has the additional benefit of making it the perfect choice for facilities and institutions where service users may be tempted to drink the sanitizer.

Our hand sanitizer is HALAL certified.

DermaGard is

alcohol free and

accredited as


Hard Surface Cleaner



TriBioSan™ Hard Surface Cleaner

  • Ideal for Heavy Use Areas
  • Decontaminates floors & walls to log 6
  • Decontaminates mops & cloths

Our hard surface cleaner is supplied in ready to use 5 litre containers for use on floors, walls and large surface areas.


No need to dilute, our 5 litre containers of hard surface decontaminating cleanser can be poured directly into mop buckets and applied neat to the hard surface. It will even sterilise existing mops and buckets if left to sit for a minimum of 30 seconds before use.


As a matter of best practice however, we recommend adhering to a strict cleaning regime which ensures different mops are used for different areas, ideally colour coded for ease of identification. For example, red mops for toilet areas, blue mops for food areas and green mops for clinical areas. Please note this information is for guidance only. Eco-Mist Biotechnics can provide guidance, documents and basic training to assist in the creation and implementation of effective cleaning protocols.

Vets & Pets Range

Antiseptic & Sanitiser





  • Non-toxic antiseptic for animal, bird, rodent and reptile wound care
  • Can be used on sensitive areas like eyes and ears
  • pH neutral, will not sting
  • Contains NO alcohol
  • Kills germs on contact
  • No known harmful effects to marine life
  • Available in 100ml pocket size, 500ml spray or 1litre misting solution

VetGard is a specially formulated, highly effective antiseptic and sanitiser, which is ideal for treating wounds, scratches, cuts and bacterial skin conditions on animals, birds, rodents and reptiles. It is non-irritating and will not sting on application, even if used in eyes, nose or ears. Wounds will be cleansed immediately and will heal quicker with less discomfort to the 'patient'. VetGard is also extremely effective at sanitising rooms, cages, equipment, tack, leads and bedding, when misted into the area. It is safe and does not contain any dangerous chemicals.   

Don't Bug Us!





  • Kills on direct contact with most flying and crawling insects
  • No known harmful effects to marine life
  • Spray on bedding, blankets and equipment to repel insects
  • Treat insect trails to kill and repel
  • Effective against bed bugs

Not only can insects be annoying and 'invade' when you least want them, many can be extremely dangerous and even life threatening. Mosquitoes are perhaps the best known and most feared insect, but other species can pose a serious risk to health, hygiene and everyday living.

At Eco-Mist Biotechnics, we wanted a product that would control the problem, without damaging the environmnet. So, here it is. InsectGard is a completely natural product which is non-toxic to humans but deadly to msoquitoes, wasps, spiders, flies, cockroaches, ants, locusts and more. It is available as either a trigger spray for direct application to kill insects, or as a misting solution to repel and keep away unwanted pests in gardens, restaurants, patios and the home. No more bugs!  

Control Unwanted Spills with Ease






  • Absorbs unwanted and accidental liquid spills
  • Creates an inert manageable Gel
  • Disposable in toilets, sluice or clinical waste bags
  • Convenient, low cost

At last a safe, effective and easy to use solution to all of those undesireable liquid spillages. Our eco-friendly HygenaGel Super Absorbent granules are the perfect product to use on spillages of blood, vomit, urine or any aqueous substance. Simply sprinkle the granules on the liquid and watch it solidify into a safe, inert gel, which can be disposed of in sluice rooms, slop-hoppers or clinical waste bags.

HygenaGel™ is widely used in clinical situations to solidify and absorb waste products in:

  • Urinals
  • Bedpans
  • Slipper Pans
  • Vomit Bowls
  • On sharps residues
  • Water or other aqueous spillages

​​​You can even use the granules in clinical waste bags to protect against unwanted leaks! Now that's clever!

Revolutionary 'Dry' Misting Technology

At Eco-Mist Biotechnics, we have spent years developing our own, exclusive, unique and patent pending range of 'dry' misting delivery devices. We are well aware how important it is to treat all exposed surfaces to protect them from dangerous pathogens. But, we were also aware that some of the most dangerous microorganisms survive and multiply in some of the most inaccessible places like air ducts, high level spaces or behind cabinets. Typically, these are areas that are not reached with conventional cleaning.


That's why we developed our range of 'dry' misting equipment to ensure full decontamination of every area and the air surrounding it. Our current range below has been developed to allow maximum effect with little or no expertise required. After a brief demonstration, end users can easily operate the equipment using our safe, eco-friendly range of biocides to bring clinical decontamination standards to their facility. 


Our next generation of misting equipment is due for launch in 2017 and will take safety and effectiveness to new levels.

AmbuGard 250

AmbuGard™ 250

  • Designed specificallly for Ambulances
  • Full decontamination of air & surfaces in 20 minutes
  • Can be used in between patient transfers
  • Keeps Ambulance on the road longer
  • Reduces deep cleaning time and inconvenience
  • Low Cost Decontamination solution

The AmbuGard 250 can be placed or permanent installed in the patient transfer compartment of the ambulance. It operates on 240v, 110v, 24v or 12v and can be directly connected into the vehicle electrical system. This allows the paramedic to switch the unit on in between patient transfers to fully decontaminate all surfaces and the air inside the vehicle. Soiled areas should be cleaned as normal following the protocol in place. Full decontamination is complete in under 20 minutes. The unit can simply be stopped if the vehicle is needed sooner. Using our TriBioSan non-toxic biocide there is no risk of corrosion to the vehicle and the mist is harmless to humans, making it perfect for rapid and safe decontamination!

BioGard 250


BioGard 250 'Dry Misting' Unit

  • Portable and easy to use
  • Kills 99.9999% of pathogens*
  • Timer for measured cut off
  • Low Cost decontaminarion solution


The BioGard™ dry misting unit was our pioneering system, which led to the development of the range to provide a cost effective, multi-purpose choice of products and units to deliver decontamination solutions to a variety of industry sectors. The BioGard dry misting unit has been designed to produce a mist of 1.2 microns which lingers in the air longer than traditional 'foggers' and remains dry to the touch, therefore allowing almost immediate use of the room after treatment.

The BioGard™ will safely decontaminate a room of 30 metres cubed in around 30 minutes.



  • Perfect for decontaminationg air & surfaces in large areas
  • Multi-directional heads ensure maximum coverage
  • Used in factories, food processing plants, farms, stables, horticultural environments, fruit & vegetable areas

The AerialBio™ misting unit was developed to treat large areas like production lines, packing plants, stables, pig-pens, poultry houses and so on. Each system is specially planned and installed to meet the requirements of the facility. Our skilled technicians can advise on the best solution for your needs. Customized installations allow you to control the delivery of the biocide and the time of treatment. 

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Medical Response Services Speeds up Vehicle Cleaning

Lancashire based Medical Rsponse Services have improved the turnaround time and overall hygiene of their ambulance fleet with the introduction of the AmbuGard sanitising systems into their depots.

Owner Warren Bolton says, 

"Using the Eco-Mist AmbuGard system has greatly improved our vehicle turnaround time and reduced costs as we continue to exceed CQC standards.


In addition, by using the Eco-Mist electronic swab tests, we can evidence the cleanliness of our vehicles and check for potential contamination, easily, quickly and accurately.  I would recommend this system to any fleet controller!"


Call us to find out how using the AmbuGard System can radically reduce the burden on hard pressed staff to meet the stringent CQC requirements.

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