Eco-Mist Biotechnics Infection Control by Dry Mist surface and air decontamination
Eco-Mist BiotechnicsInfection Control by Dry Mist surface and air decontamination

Prevention is Better Than Cure!

The Eco-Mist Biotechnics decontamination system and product range has been specifically developed to combat the dangerous and life threatening pathogens found in clinical environments. Regular cleaning of all common areas using our TriBioSan™ hard surface cleaner applied by spray or mop will ensure the possibility of an 'outbreak' is kept to a minimum.


More importantly, we recommend using the BioGard™dry misting procedure daily to reach every area where contamination could build up. The 1.2 micron mist delivered by the BioGard™ unit will get into areas where normal cleaning cannot. The build up of the mist permeates all areas including ducts, air conditioning systems and behind cabinets. Because the mist is so fine, it lingers in the air longer and is therefore more effective than alternative fogging systems. And because our biocide is safe to humans and does not contain toxins, treated areas can be used immediately after misting! There is no requirement for protective clothing.


By treating susceptible areas daily, you can prevent a problem from occurring. After all, prevention is better than cure!   

Treats 30m3 in under 30 minutes

BioGard™ Dry Misting


The BioGard™ dry misting unit is easy to operate and can be safely handled and used by trained operators. Because our biocide is not harmful to people, plants, animals or the environment, there are no special precautions to be taken.


However, a few people may find the mist mildly irritating, so for that reason, we always advise using the unit in vacant areas. This also ensures the most effective and efficient 'kill rate'.


Treating an Outbreak


In the unfortunate cases where an outbreak occurs, our technicians can attend the site normally within a few hours of the request and deal with the issue. Our technicians will test any area prior to use to check for contamination. The area is checked again following cleaning and misting, to ensure and demonstrate the effectiveness of the treatment. Following successful treatment, if required, Eco-Mist Biotechnics can offer hospitals, nursing homes and funeral parlours a certificate of sanitisation to authenticate the results.  




In circumstances where evidence of decontamination is required, our technicians can swab the affected area before and after treatment to verify the effectiveness of the process.







The ease with which hospital acquired infections can be spread is all too obvious. Thankfully, most clinical staff are particularly good at sterilising their hands at the appropriate times. However, the constant use of hand gels can dry out skin and lead to cracking. This is due to the alcohol content found in nearly all hand gels.


DermaGard™ has been developed without using alcohol, yet it kills 99.9999% of pathogens. Safe, effective and kind to the skin.

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Medical Response Services Speeds up Vehicle Cleaning

Lancashire based Medical Rsponse Services have improved the turnaround time and overall hygiene of their ambulance fleet with the introduction of the AmbuGard sanitising systems into their depots.

Owner Warren Bolton says, 

"Using the Eco-Mist AmbuGard system has greatly improved our vehicle turnaround time and reduced costs as we continue to exceed CQC standards.


In addition, by using the Eco-Mist electronic swab tests, we can evidence the cleanliness of our vehicles and check for potential contamination, easily, quickly and accurately.  I would recommend this system to any fleet controller!"


Call us to find out how using the AmbuGard System can radically reduce the burden on hard pressed staff to meet the stringent CQC requirements.

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