Eco-Mist Biotechnics Infection Control by Dry Mist surface and air decontamination
Eco-Mist BiotechnicsInfection Control by Dry Mist surface and air decontamination

Controlling unwanted pathogens in every business sector

The Eco-Mist Biotechnics range has been produced to meet a broad range of applications. The clinical effectiveness and safe use means they can be used in a wide variety of situations from general cleaning, to targeted control of particular pathogens. The inherent decontaminant is ph neutral, odourless, taint free and safe to use and dispose of without the need for COSHH controls or specialist operator training.


Below you will find a list of the most common needs and uses of our products and systems. To find out more about each sector, simply click on the highlighted bullet point.


The most common applications are in the following sectors:

  • Healthcare - general and clinical
  • Food & Beverage - production, bottling & packing, food preparation areas
  • Hotels - Rooms, public areas, mattresses, seating, fabrics, food production
  • Restaurants - kitchens, storage areas, dining areas and toilet facilities
  • Leisure - common areas, gyms, swimming pools
  • Pharmaceuticals - production, packing, clean rooms
  • Transport & Logistics - Trucks, trains, buses, tubes trains, aircraft
  • Nurseries, Schools, Colleges & Universities- common areas, classrooms, dining rooms, dormitories, leisure facilities

  • Retail - displays of open products, packing areas, food preparation areas
  • Funeral - trollies, sluice, coffins
  • Marine - Yachts, cruise liners, ships
  • Farming - food and grain storage, animal husbandry, fruit & vegetable suppliers


The extremely rapid and highly effective kill rate of our biocides, coupled with our unique Misting technology, makes the range particularly effective in the treatment of ad hoc outbreaks or as part of a regular treatment programme to prevent contamination in areas of high risk.


Eco-Mist Biotechnics works with major healthcare professionals, food industry specialists, hotel and leisure providers, retailers and facilities managers in a number of ways to reduce risk, eliminate problems and prevent infection and contamination.


Contact us today for a free demonstration or a discreet visit to discuss contamination issues. 

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Medical Response Services Speeds up Vehicle Cleaning

Lancashire based Medical Rsponse Services have improved the turnaround time and overall hygiene of their ambulance fleet with the introduction of the AmbuGard sanitising systems into their depots.

Owner Warren Bolton says, 

"Using the Eco-Mist AmbuGard system has greatly improved our vehicle turnaround time and reduced costs as we continue to exceed CQC standards.


In addition, by using the Eco-Mist electronic swab tests, we can evidence the cleanliness of our vehicles and check for potential contamination, easily, quickly and accurately.  I would recommend this system to any fleet controller!"


Call us to find out how using the AmbuGard System can radically reduce the burden on hard pressed staff to meet the stringent CQC requirements.

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